If it doesn't challenge you it will never change you.

Set a weight loss goal with a deadline, join an accountable weight loss group, bet on yourself, start your journey & apply long term success principles for a healthy lifestyle! Bonus – The opportunity to Earn Cash!

"Anyone that won’t allow us to settle & play small has a truly deep rooted love for us. Most people know potential. It doesn’t matter how short of time we’ve known them, how long it’s been since we’ve seen them or what we assume their motive may be. Our mistrust in others & lack of belief in ourselves is a personal problem. If they love you they'll challenge you. " - NauBriana Light


About CEC:

Challenge Equals Change is an accountability group & diet bet designed for anyone that desires to lose weight but facing the challenges of staying consistent and accountable to reach their weight loss goals.
This challenge is a healthy competition set up to pull the best out of everyone! The objective is to uplift & encourage each other while developing a mindset for long term success & a complete transformation. We believe the best way reach a goal is accountability! What better way than to set a reasonable goal with a deadline & surround yourself with individuals that genuinely want to see you win! 

Bonus – Bet on yourself & earn CASH!

How do I start?

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Before joining any challenges, you'll need to Create An Account to gain access to all the features of Challenge Equals Change.


Purchase your challenge. Price is $30 per challenge. Proceeds will go into the cash prizes, as well as keep the group & site operational.

Push Yourself

Find all the accountability you need from our other challengers, push and discipline yourself throughout the challenge. With a combination of diet, mindset & exercise you'll have a shot at earning a cash reward at the end of the 90 days!